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Updating Personal Information

Name and/or Address Information  

To change your name or address information with PSERS, please contact your employer.  PSERS does not update the name or address information for an active contributing member.  Your employer will not only update its records but will also report the change to PSERS.  If PSERS were to update the information and your employer records are not updated, the new information could be overwritten by outdated information.   

Your Voting Status  

To change your PSERS voting status, please contact your employer.  A PSERS voting status is either “Certified”
or “Non-Certified.”  These voting designations determine in which PSERS Board of Trustees election you vote.  A “Certified” status pertains to a job position that requires certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education or other licensing agency, such as a teacher position. Otherwise, your voting status would be “Non-Certified.”   

Your Date of Birth  

If you receive information from PSERS that contains an incorrect date of birth, please notify your employer and provide a copy of one of the following documents as verification:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Baptismal Record
    • Selective Service Record
    • Armed Forces discharge (DD Form 214)
    • Passport
    • School Record
    • Life Insurance Policy Listing Date of Birth
    • Naturalization Record
    • Court Order
    • Alien Registration Record
    • PennDot-issued photo ID
    • Current Driver's License or Non-Driver's Photo ID issued by any of the 50 States or U.S. Territories or Possessions
    • Military ID (DD Form 2) or its equivalent
Your employer will verify the information and forward documentation to PSERS.   

Your Social Security Number  

If the social security number on your PSERS information is incorrect, please notify your employer and provide them with a copy of your social security card.  Your employer will verify the information and forward the appropriate documentation to PSERS.  

Your Gender  

To correct your gender information with PSERS, please contact your employer.