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Retirement Calculator

If you are retiring within the current school year, you must have a staff prepared estimate in order to attend Exit Counseling. You can request a staff prepared retirement estimate by submitting a Request for Retirement Estimate (PDF).

Retirement Benefits Calculator, Click Here!

Need an Estimate of your Retirement Benefit?

PSERS supplies a way for you to prepare your own personalized retirement estimate using the PSERS online system.  

Retirement Benefit Calculator

If you have an Interaction account you have the benefit that the calculator will pre-fill fields with information from your most recent Statement of Account.

After you log into Interaction, Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on “Estimate Calculator.” Enter your social security number and click “Continue.” If you do not have an Interaction account, you can establish one by clicking here and following the instructions for creating a new account. 

The calculator does not require that you create an Interaction account, but you will need information from your most recent Statement of Account to create an estimate.  Click on the "Use the Calculator as a Guest" at the bottom of the login screen.

Using the Online Estimate Calculator is Easy

After completing the requested information, click “Calculate” to create your estimate.
PSERS Retirement Benefits Calculator screenshot

You can click on “Another Estimate” to create as many estimates as you choose.

Online Retirement Estimator Limitations

In some limited situations members should not use the online estimate calculator. These include members who:
  • Work only part-time
  • Have a frozen annuity (you previously received a monthly benefit from PSERS)
  • Are vested (eligible for a monthly benefit) but are not presently working for a PA public school
  • Considering disability benefits within the next 12 months
  • Are a multiple service member and considering retirement within the next 24 months
If you fall within these categories, you can request for PSERS to create an estimate for you by submitting a Request for Retirement Estimate form (PDF).