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Nearing Retirement


As you plan to leave school employment, you’ll need to know what benefits are available to you.  This chart will show your possible eligibility or a life-time monthly retirement benefit:

Membership Class



T-C* or T-D At least 5 years of credited service Vesting or Deferring Retirement (Postponing receipt of your benefit)

T-E or T-F

At least 10 years of credited service

T-C, T-D, T-E or T-F

At least 5 years of credited service; meet medical eligibility and application submission requirement Disability Retirement**

T-C* or T-D At least 5 years of credited service (Age 55 with 25 years of service with 3% - 15% maximum reduction)


Early Retirement (Age Penalty Applied)


T-E or T-F At least 10 years of credited service

T-C or T-D 35 years of service regardless of age, or age 62 with 1 year of service, or age 60 with 30 years of service Normal Retirement (Superannuation)
T-E or T-F Age 65 with at least three (3) years of credited service, or any age/service combination that totals 92 (“Rule of 92”) with a minimum of 35 years of service.  Example: A member age 57 with35 years of credited service (57 [age] + 35 [service] = 92) would total 92 and, therefore, would be superannuated.

Special rules apply if you terminated public school employment before July 1, 2001.

** More details regarding eligibility for a disability retirement benefit are available in the PSERS publication, Let’s Talk About PSERS Disability Retirement Benefits.  

Informational Retirement Sessions  

PSERS provides pre-retirement educational sessions, such as the Foundations for Your Future presentation.  This presentation is designed to inform you of PSERS general benefit information and the steps to take toward retirement.    

Group counseling sessions called Exit Counseling Sessions are available for those who are retiring and need assistance with the completion of the retirement applications.  These sessions also provide an overview of the benefit options and benefit processing.  These sessions are scheduled by contacting your PSERS Regional Office.  

Benefit Estimates  

PSERS offers an online retirement estimate calculator which can be used at any time prior to retirement. 

If you are within one year of your retirement, PSERS strongly suggests that you request an official PSERS retirement estimate by submitting a Request for Retirement Estimate (PSRS-151) form.  

For more on retirement estimates, click here.  

Additional pre-retirement information is available at: