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PSERS Retirement Calculator

Information you will need to complete this data sheet

  • Currently Employed:

  • Delaying Retirement:

  • Projected Retirement Date (if you don't know, use June 30 of retirement year)

  • Last day of school employment

  • Job reported in days:

  • Contract days for a full year:

  • Number of days you will work in your final year:

  • Job reported in Hours

  • Contract Hour for a Full Year

  • Number of hours you will work in your final year:

STATE SERVICE:  Enter the amount as of the last December 31st State Service.  The calculator will project additional service to your Anticipated Retirement Date assuming you will complete one full year for each year until that date.  If you work part time your estimate will be overstated. 

Service credit is one of the factors that determines your eligibility for retirement benefits.  Credited service is defined as Sate service and/or non-State service for which contributions have been made.  The various types of credited service are: