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Welcome to the PSERS Retirement Benefit Calculator

You should not base any decisions about your retirement benefits solely on the resulting estimate(s) produced by this calculator. PSERS does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the resulting data generated by this calculator.  The information and formulas used in this calculator are broad in design to accommodate the many conceivable member account and benefit variations possible. If you are seriously planning retirement and you are within one year of your projected retirement date, you should attend a Foundations for Your Future meeting and request a staff – prepared retirement estimate.  

If you are a full-time employee and your projected retirement date is more than 12 months in the future, please use this calculator.  

If you meet one of the following conditions, you need to request an estimate calculated by PSERS staff using the Request for Retirement Estimate (PSRS-151) form. (LINK to Request for Retirement Estimate (PSRS-151) form).  PSERS, however, asks that you limit the number of estimates that you request to two per year:

- You work only part-time.  This estimate calculator is designed only to calculate benefits for full-time employees.  - You have a frozen annuity (previously received a monthly benefit from PSERS).
- You are vested (eligible for a monthly benefit) but are not presently working in a Pennsylvania public school.
- You are considering applying for a disability retirement benefit within the 12 months.
- You are a multiple service member (combined PSERS and State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) covered employment) and are considering retirement within the next 24 months.*
- You have a benefit with the IRC Section 415 limit applied.
- You are requesting a Special Option.    

* If you are a multiple service member (a member who has service credit with the State Employees' Retirement System (SERS) and PSERS), you can use the estimate calculator to obtain general projections of your combined benefit, provided you add your SERS contributions, interest, and service to your PSERS information. SERS Class AA service should be added to Class T-D; and SERS Class A service should be added to Class T-C.  You should enter the combined amounts by overriding the information already entered from your Statement of Account.  You will also need to enter any Purchase of Service Debt.  Results will be approximations only. Please keep in mind that any excess service should be deducted from the total number of years used to generate your estimate. If you are not sure if you have excess service credit, contact your PSERS Regional Office.  

If you retire at any time other than June,
your contributions and interest may be overstated or understated.  This is one reason PSERS suggests that you receive a staff-prepared retirement estimate prior to retirement.   

Class T-E and Class T-F Members please note: You have a “shared risk” program.  This means that your contribution rate fluctuates based on the performance of PSERS investments.  Your employee contribution rate will never go below the base rate of 7.50% for Class T-E members and 10.30% for Class T-F members, or above 9.50% for Class T-E and 12.30% for Class T-F members.  The estimate calculator assumes an average of these member contribution rates.  Therefore, the member contributions may differ from the actual projected contributions, especially the farther away from the current date you project your date of retirement.  

All Commonwealth systems and usage are monitored for security purposes.  As a user of this site, it is important that you understand you have the responsibility to:

- Use the system only for the purposes specified by PSERS.
- Comply with controls established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, PSERS, and public law as referenced on the PSERS website.
- Prevent disclosure of sensitive information.          

This PSERS member calculator will provide general, estimated potential benefit amounts under all basic retirement options using current and future dates for most full-time employees.  Use of this calculator is for general information purposes. The calculator and the resulting calculation does not validate a member's account information. Use of this calculator is not intended to be a substitute for retirement counseling. A PSERS retirement benefit is not based on the information entered into this calculator.

The resulting estimates will show estimated amounts for each option, with and without the withdrawal of contributions and interest for Class T-C and Class T-D members.  As part of their retirement benefit, Class T-E and Class T-F members may not withdraw contributions and interest; therefore, the withdrawal of contributions and interest will not be reflected as part of the retirement option.  

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