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PSERS’ Investment Program Details

Mission Statement

Consistent with the highest fiduciary standards, we manage the investment program at PSERS, endeavoring to generate long-term, net of fee, risk-adjusted returns which meet or exceed the Board’s Policy Index.


Transparency is very important to PSERS and we take our fiduciary duty to our members very seriously.   

PSERS has a history of providing very detailed information about our investments, not only with regard to investment manager fees, performance, and investment policy and guidelines, but also about the hiring of PSERS’ investment managers.  

PSERS Investment Transparency Policy

Travel Cost Reports
PSERS  board and staff travel costs, including investment-related  travel.

Investment Pages

Investments Policies: PSERS reviews the IPS and Stand Alone Policies at a minimum on an annual basis. Updated copies of the IPS and Stand Alone Policies are posted throughout the year whenever a change is made to the documents.

PSERS’ Asset Allocation and Performance: A listing of PSERS Investment Managers, Advisors, and Partnerships; PSERS detailed asset allocation, and PSERS Quarterly Investment Performance.

PSERS’ Investment Managers Hiring and FeesDetailed information on PSERS Investment Managers Hiring and Fees

PSERS’ Proxy Voting Policy and Divestment: Provides information on PSERS proxy voting policies and voting history; and Provides reports pursuant to the reporting requirements found in Act 44 regarding investments in Iran and Sudan

PSERS Reports and Publications: Provides Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, Quarterly Financial Statements, Actuarial Valuations, PSERS' Most Recent SEC Form 13F Filing, PSERS 2020 Asset Liability Study Results, and other fact sheets

Archived Investment Information: Provides archived investment information by fiscal year.