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Address or Name Changes

For security reasons, no address and/or name change will take place on an account from an e-mail.


Active members - Please submit your address or name changes to your employer. Your employer will update your PSERS records.
Retired Members and Inactive Members (including vestees) - Due to Internet and email security issues, please submit your address or name change in writing to PSERS. Change of Address Form for PSERS Retirees (PDF)


An address change request must contain your signature or that of your power-of-attorney named within the power-of-attorney form (PDF) that was approved by PSERS.


Contacting PSERS

Would you like to email us?  PSERS prioritizes member specific messages received within the secure MSS Portal over generic emails received to our general resource account or through our website contact form.  Log into your MSS account to contact PSERS. If not a member or unable to access your MSS account, please email us using our  Contact Form.


Due to increased email volumes at this time, and it may take longer to respond.

If you have questions about our Member Self-Service (MSS) Portal see our MSS FAQ page.

Please be sure to include your signature and the last four digits of your social security number in the letter. Due to the volume of correspondence that is received at PSERS, it is anticipated that all emails will require at least three business days to provide a response.