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​​Organization and Staff 


Organization Structure


Executive Office

The Executive Director acts as the Chief Executive Officer with overall responsibility for the management of the Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS) to achieve the objectives of the agency as established by the Board of Trustees (Board). The position's primary duty is to lead PSERS' employees in meeting the agency mission by serving the members and stakeholders of the System to: provide timely and accurate payment of benefits; maintain a financially sound System; invest the assets of the System prudently; clearly communicate members' and employers' rights and responsibilities, and manage the resources of the System effectively. In this capacity, the position has responsibility for the establishment, installation, and maintenance of modern management techniques to provide an efficient control of funds and services to the members of the System. It certifies expenditures of the Fund and oversees the performance of professional staff and external contractors for specialized services. The Executive Director also apprises and seeks approval from the Board for significant issues that will affect the System and its operation.

Investment Office

This office is responsible for the investment activities of the System. In compliance with the investment policy established by the Board, PSERS’ investment assets are allocated to numerous internal investment professionals and outside professional investment advisors. 

Office of Chief Counsel

The office provides legal services through a team of professionals in collaboration with PSERS’ Executive Director and the Board of Trustees. The legal staff is responsible for representing the System in all administrative hearings and other litigation matters and providing counsel in a wide variety of matters including the interpretation of the Retirement Code, form and legality of all System contracts, corporate governance issues and the structure and implementation of the System’s varied financial investments. 

Internal Auditor’s Office 

The office provides independent, objective assurance, and consulting activity designed to add value and improve Public School Employees’ Retirement System’s (PSERS’) operations. Objectives are accomplished by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The office provides a wide range of quality independent internal auditing services for the Audit/ Compliance Committee of the PSERS’ Board and executive management. It performs independent assessments of the systems of risk management, internal controls and operating efficiency, guided by professional standards and using innovative approaches. The office also routinely monitors compliance with established laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Office of Financial Management

This office is directed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and has responsibility for planning, organizing and directing a complete accounting and financial reporting system in conformance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America for PSERS Pension, Premium Assistance, HOP, and Defined Contribution Plans. The Office is also responsible for PSERS annuitant payroll and for managing actuarial functions. Oversight is provided for new systems development and maintenance of existing systems, and ensuring appropriate accounting controls. The office is the liaison for other state and federal agencies, reporting units, financial consultants, actuaries, and investment advisors for all accounting, financial reporting, treasury operations, taxation, actuarial and budgetary matters. The office is comprised of the CFO’s Office, General and Public Market Accounting Division, Investment Accounting and Budget Division, Annuitant Accounting and Employer Accounting Division.

Deputy Executive Director and Director of Defined Contribution Investments

The position provides comprehensive leadership to assist the Executive Director to accomplish the agency mission by maintaining oversight of PSERS’ membership related benefit functions for both the agency’s Defined Benefit (DB) and the Defined Contribution (DC) plans in addition to DC related investment contract management. This includes managerial responsibility for the following areas: member and employer communications; member retirement counseling; member and employer data administration; benefits determinations and processing; member appeals; knowledge management of benefit policies and procedures; health insurance retirement programs including premium assistance; third-party contractor administration, and defined contribution contract investment management. 

Deputy Executive Director of Administration

The position provides comprehensive leadership to assist the Executive Director to accomplish the agency mission by maintaining oversight of PSERS’ administrative and information technology related services for the agency. This includes managerial responsibility for the following areas: information technology; human resources; board of trustees administration; third-party contract administration; physical security; facilities; contracting and procurement; business continuity; safety; records management; and mail, imaging, and printing services. 

Administrative Staff

Executive Director

Terrill J. Sanchez

Chief Investment Officer

Benjamin L. Cotton

Deputy Executive Director and Director of Defined Contribution Investments 

Jennifer A. Mills

Chief Counsel    ​

​Joseph J. Indelicato, Jr. 

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Lyman​

Chief Information Officer

​Steven Goldstein

Deputy Executive Director of Administration

​Beverly Hudson

Director of Benefits Administration

​Todd D. Fulton

Director of Communications and Counseling

Eugene W. Robison

Director of Retiree Health Insurance

Peter P. Camacci

Director of Information Technology

Paul Jose​ph

Director of Administration

​Patricia Dence

Chief ​Audit Officer

​Mei Gentry

Director of Human Resources

​Caitlin E. Witmer

Director of Government Affairs & Stakeholder Engagement

​Mark J. Fetzko  ​

​Communications Director

L. Paul ​Vezzetti

​Press Secretary
​Steve Esack
​Board Information Officer
Evelyn M. Williams