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Terminating Employment


Vested Members

If you have 10 or more years of service, you are eligible to receive a monthly benefit for the rest of your life (see "Becoming Vested" for vesting requirements). Your contributions and interest are payable to you as part of that monthly benefit payment.  To do so, you must go through the retirement process.  Click here for more information about retirement.  

*If your terminated was prior to July 1, 2001, contact PSERS for the benefits payable to you.

Non-Vested Members

A refund is your only option if you terminate from all school service and you are not vested. You are eligible only for a refund if you are not vested. (See "Becoming Vested" for vesting requirements)

To withdraw your contributions and interest, you must complete an Application for Refund.  Your refund cannot be processed without notification from your employer that you are no longer working for them.  You must terminate employment with all Pennsylvania public school employers in order to qualify for a refund. To request the application to receive a refund of your account, please contact PSERS directly at 1.888.773.7748.

Members in All Classes:


You do not need to do anything to vest your account.  This automatically occurs when you reach the years of service required for a member within your membership class to vest.  You must contact PSERS when you are ready to begin the retirement process.  Click here for more information about retirement.  

If you elect to vest, you would reach superannuated (full) retirement status at age 62 as a Class T-C or T-D member, age 65 as a Class T-E or T-F member, or age 67 as a Class T-G or T-H member.   Leaving your funds in PSERS past superannuation age would not result in a higher monthly benefit.