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Welcome Employers to your PSERS online resource connection!

As one of the Public School Employees’ Retirement System’s (PSERS) 750 plus employers, you play an integral part in ensuring that your employees have a safe, secure, and guaranteed benefit from one of the largest public pension plans in the nation. 

Employers serve a vital role in the retirement process. We strive to make doing business with us as uncomplicated and as pleasant as possible. The goal with our web-based reporting features, news, Bulletin, Employerpedia, employer forms, and Employer Service Center staff, is to provide you with the information and support you need right at your fingertips.

PSERS is pleased to have you as our partner in this process of serving Pennsylvania’s public school employees and we encourage your questions and feedback. The PSERS Employer Service Center staff is here to assist you by phone or email. As a team, we can provide your employees – our members – with great service and a solid future. We look forward to working together to achieve this goal.

Employers Tab Overview (2019)

Here are online features and resources designed specifically to meet your needs:

  • Employer Web - Your link to the employer reporting web applications.

  • Employer News - Your link to important and time-sensitive news items, including employer web availability.

  • Employer Service Center - Your link to the contact information for the Employer Service Center and the staff member dedicated to serve you.

  • Employer Reference Manual - Your link to the chapters of the Employers Reference Manual.

  • Employer GASB 68 Information - Your link to essential information regarding GASB 68

  • Employer Bulletin - Your link to the current issue of the PSERS Employer Bulletin and Bulletin archives.

  • Employerpedia - Your link to resource information.

  • Employer Forms - Your link to PSERS used solely by employers.