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Leaving Employment

Benefits for Which You May be Eligible  

If you are an active contributing member of PSERS who terminates all Pennsylvania public school employment, a benefit is likely available to you.  Shown below is a chart to help you determine what benefit may be available:

PSERS Benefits
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Return of Contributions and Interest (Refund)

Class T-C or T-D member:
Fewer than 5 years of credited service

Class T-E or T-F member:
Fewer than 10 years of credited service

Vesting or Deferring Retirement (Postponing receipt of your retirement benefit)

Class T-C* or T-D member:
5 years of credited service

Class T-E or T-F member:
10 year of credited service

Disability Retirement 5 years of credited service; meet medical eligibility and application submission requirement
Early Retirement (Age Penalty Applied)

Class T-C* or T-D member
5 years of credited service

T-C or T-D Member:
Age 55 with 25 years of service (3% - 15% maximum reduction)

Class T-E or T-F member
10 year of credited service

Normal Retirement (Superannuation)

T-C or T-D Member:

-  35 years of service regardless of age
-  Age 62 with 1 year of service
-  Age 60 with 30 years of service

T-E or T-F Member:

Age 65 with at least three (3) years of credited service, or any age/service combination that totals 92 (“Rule of 92”) with a minimum of 35 years of service.  Example: A member age 57 with35 years of credited service (57 [age] + 35 [service] = 92) would total 92 and, therefore, would be superannuated.

* Special rules apply if you terminated public school employment before July 1, 2001 .

Benefit Forfeiture

The Public Employee Pension Forfeiture Act (Act 1978-140) provides that PSERS members who have been sentenced after having been convicted, pled guilty or no contest in a court of law for any of the crimes listed in the Pension Forfeiture Act are subject to the forfeiture of their PSERS pension benefit. For more detailed information, click here.