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Required Minimum Distributions

Important Note about Deferring Your Retirement

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mandates that retirement benefits begin to be distributed by April 1 of the calendar year following the year in which a terminated vested member reaches their Required Beginning Age or when an active member terminates service after having attained their Required Beginning Age. 

The IRS determines the Required Beginning Age based on your date of birth. Refer to the chart below for your Required Beginning age:

If you were born:Your Required Beginning Age is:
Before 7/1/1949 70.5
7/1/1949 - 12/31/195072
1/1/1951 – 12/31/195973
On or after 1/1/196075

Your PSERS retirement calculation will ensure that the IRS-defined Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) threshold is met.  If there is a failure to comply with the RMD requirements, Federal law imposes a penalty tax payable by you equal to 25% on the amount not distributed . If you have questions regarding RMD, we encourage you to seek advice from your tax consultant or the IRS.