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Foundations For Your Future

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The PSERS Foundations For Your Future (FFYF) programs are designed to give public school employees an overview of their retirement benefits. These programs provide active Class T-C, Class T-D, Class T-E, and Class T-F members with general information about PSERS' benefits and services. Attendance at a FFYF program will help you begin to plan for your retirement early in your career. Each program lasts approximately 90 minutes. These programs are provided solely for the education of members of PSERS. Financial planners will not be permitted to solicit business at these programs.

Available Online

If you are unable to attend or would like to review the presentation online.
FFYF Presentation

All in-person FFYF programs are cancelled through June 30, 2022 but PSERS is planning on beginning to provide these online via webinars. More information will be forthcoming in the next few months. Be sure to keep your address and email address current with PSERS so you can receive these important updates.

If a meeting is to be held at a school and that specific school has closed or dismissed early because of inclement weather, the seminar is cancelled. If you have any questions regarding FFYF cancellation, you may contact PSERS toll-free at 1.888.773.7748.