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​PSERS' Proxy Voting Policy and Divestment

PSERS’ Proxy Voting Policy

PSERS hires a proxy voting agent to vote PSERS shares according to PSERS established proxy voting policies.  Additional information on PSERS proxy voting policies and voting history is below. 

Diversity in the Boardroom:  PSERS believes that increasing diversity in the boardroom will better reflect a company’s workforce, customers and community, and that this enhances shareholder value. Click here to access the Diverse Director Datasource (3D) websiteOpens In A New Window. The DataSource is a clearinghouse for potential corporate director candidates with a special emphasis on a more diverse range of skills and experience. The DataSource was conceived by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System and is now owned and maintained by GovernanceMetrics International (GMI), an independent provider of global corporate governance ratings and research.

Divestment From Iran and Sudan

PSERS is required to follow Act 44 of 2010 regarding investments in Iran and Sudan. PSERS works in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Treasury Department, the State Employees' Retirement System, and the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System.