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Organization Structure
Executive Office

The Executive Office is responsible for the overall management of the Public School Employees� Retirement System to achieve the primary objectives of the Fund as established by the Board of Trustees. 

The Executive Director serves as chief executive officer responsible for the establishment, installation, and maintenance of modern management techniques to provide an efficient control of funds for and services to the active members and annuitants of the System. Reporting directly to the Executive Director are the Deputy Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Internal Auditor, Press Secretary, and Legislative Liaison.

The Executive Office monitors the operation of the investment portfolio and evaluates portfolio performance for consideration by the Board, certifies expenditures of the Fund, and measures performance of professional individuals or firms with whom the Board contracts for specialized services. The Executive Office also apprises the Board of any development that will in any way affect the System and its operation.

Investment Office

The Investment Office is responsible for the investment activities of the System. In accordance with the investment policy established by the Board, PSERS� investment assets are allocated to numerous outside professional investment advisors and internal investment professionals.

Office of Chief Counsel

Legal services are provided by a team of professional personnel under the Governor�s Office of General Counsel. The legal staff is responsible for representing the System in all administrative hearings and other litigation matters and providing counsel on a wide variety of matters including the interpretation of the Retirement Code, the form and legality of all System contracts, corporate governance issues and the structure and implementation of the System�s varied financial investments.

Internal Auditor�s Office

The Internal Auditor�s Office performs systematic reviews of the various activities of PSERS, testing for compliance with applicable laws, policies and procedures. The Internal Auditor makes recommendations on the improvement of the System�s internal control system.

Office of Financial Management

The Office of Financial Management has responsibility for planning, organizing and directing a complete accounting and financial reporting system in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles. Oversight is provided for new systems development and maintenance of existing systems, and ensuring appropriate accounting controls. The Office is the liaison for other state and federal agencies, reporting units, financial consultants, actuaries, and investment advisors for all accounting matters.  

The Deputy Executive Director

The Deputy Executive Director directly oversees the benefit programs for all active and retired members of the System, the development and implementation of the member and employer communications programs and the member counseling programs, and the maintenance of agency policies, procedures, and benefit related data.  Additionally, this position supervises a Chief Information Officer who oversees business and information technology strategic planning, policy development, and implementation.  The organizational units directly reporting to this position include the Bureau of Benefits Administration, the Bureau of Communications and Counseling, and the Bureau of Information Management.  The position oversees the Bureau of Information Technology through the Chief Information Officer.  

Assistant Deputy Executive Director

This position reports to the Executive Director and may provide assistance to the Executive Director on agency-wide projects.  The position administers the Health Options and Premium Assistance Programs in addition to the facilities, human resources, and procurement activities necessary to support, secure and optimize agency operations.  Organizational units overseen by the Assistant Executive Director include the Bureau of Administration, the Human Resources Office, and the Health Insurance Office.

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