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Act 91 and Return to Service

Act 91 of 2021 was recently enacted to provide additional flexibility in hiring substitute teachers through the 2022-2023 school year. For PSERS, this means that employers may hire a PSERS retiree as a day-to-day substitute under the emergency provisions of the Public School Employees' Retirement Code without having to first offer such employment to a non-PSERS retiree.    

To support the employers in filling these much-needed positions while avoiding the potential impact on a PSERS retiree's pension, PSERS encourages retirees to verify that an employer has received pre-approval using the PSERS School Year Approval Process. This process approves an employer's methods to recruit short-term and long-term substitutes, including under the new provisions of Act 91, and should provide reassurance to PSERS retirees that their pension will not be stopped should they return to the classroom in a substitute capacity. A list of employers who have received a School Year Approval can be found here.  

If eligible, an employer may request a school year approval of emergency employment for PSERS retirees as short-term or long-term substitutes by submitting the following sample letter to PSERS Administrative Determinations at the address provided below or by fax to 717-772-3860.  Additional information regarding emergency employment of retired PSERS members is contained in PSERS' Return to Service Exceptions publication. 

Sample Language 


Public School Employees' Retirement System
Administrative Determinations
5 North 5th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Re: Employing PSERS Retirees as Day-to-day substitute teachers

Employer #_______

Dear Administrator:

Due to a general shortage of day-to-day substitute teachers, [School Employer] requests PSERS' pre-approval to employ PSERS retirees as temporary substitute teachers as needed throughout the 2021-2022 school year while recruitment of permanent employees continues. In support of this request, [School Employer] certifies that a shortage of personnel exists with respect to substitute teachers. [School Employer] will provide a copy of this request and PSERS' response to any PSERS retiree who is employed under the School Year Approval Process for these services.