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Public School Employers with a School Year Approval

You may have recently heard of schools having difficulty filling positions such as substitute teachers and bus drivers. Have you wondered if you might be able to help in a substitute capacity without jeopardizing your PSERS pension?

Public school employers can receive pre-approval from PSERS to hire PSERS retirees as short-term or long-term substitutes using our School Year Approval Process. You can check the lists below to see if your local school has been pre-approved under our School Year Approval Process and for what positions, like substitutes or transportation drivers. If your school is listed  and you're asked to fill a position covered under PSERS pre-approval, then you can return to that position without your pension being stopped. If you don't see your school's name, be sure to encourage your school to seek PSERS pre-approval so you can assist in the classroom without jeopardizing your pension. 

Additional information on PSERS retirees returning to work in a different capacity without stopping their pension is in PSERS' Return to Service Exceptions publication. 

2023-2024 Lists