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Communicating Anonymously Retirement Errors (CARE) Line

CARE Line Toll-free number: 1.888.222.0549 | CARE Line Local number:  717.720.4602  

The CARE Line is a toll-free number that can be used to call PSERS regarding pension-related issues of which PSERS should be made aware.  Anyone can call this line to inform PSERS about retirees who have incorrectly returned to work for a Pennsylvania public school employer, money that has been inadvertently reported as retirement covered compensation, etc.  When you call the CARE Line, you will reach a voicemail box where you can anonymously leave a message at any time of day or night without fear of retribution.   

Messages from the CARE Line voicemail box are written down and deleted.  PSERS does not trace the numbers from received phone calls.  Callers are not required to identify themselves. The caller can use the toll-free number from a cell phone, home phone, or pay phone; PSERS will not know where the call was placed.  PSERS understands that we all play a vital role in ensuring that the rules established by the Pennsylvania State Legislature are followed. With your help, we can ensure the pension laws are administered fairly and equally to all PSERS members.    



Contributing Leaves    

  • Reporting Contributing Leaves to prevent members from being taxed twice on contributions while on contributing leaves, we request employers submit salary information applying the following guidelines (PDF).                  

Contribution Rate Information     


Maximum Earnings Subject to Contribution

IRS Section 401(a)(17) of the Internal Revenue Code limits the amount of compensation that is subject to retirement contributions for active employees entering PSERS membership on or after July 1, 1996*.

  • For employees who became PSERS’ members before July 1, 1996*, there is no maximum earning level beyond which retirement contributions should not be made.  Contributions must be made on all qualifying earnings for these employees, regardless of how much they earn in a calendar year.
  • For employees who became PSERS’ member on or after July 1, 1996, the maximum amount of earnings that qualify for retirement contributions may not exceed the limitation.  The limit for a PSERS fiscal year is the IRS announced limit for the calendar year in which such fiscal year begins.  If an employee earns more in a fiscal year than the limit, all salary that exceeds this limit should be reported in the EXSAL (Excess Salary) field on the employee’s Work Report Records for the remainder of that Fiscal year.  No retirement contributions should be made on this excess salary.  The salary limitation for the last 10 years is as follows:
​Calendar Year ​Reportable Compensation Limit
​2018 ​$275,000
​2017 ​$270,000
​2016 ​$265,000
​2015 ​$265,000
​2014 ​$260,000
​2013 ​$255,000
​2012 ​$250,000
​2011 ​$245,000
​2010 ​$245,000
​2009 ​$230,000

If a determination period consists of fewer than 12 months, the compensation limit for that year will be multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of months in the determination period and the denominator of which is 12. Example:  For an employee who works for 5 months in 2016, the reportable compensation limit would be $110,417 ($265,000 x 5/12).


* If a refund or retirement exists, examine Contract Record table for first subsequent rehire date (Start Date) that occurred after the last refund/retirement. 


i.    If the rehire date is greater than or equal to 7/1/1996, the member is subject to the 401(a)(17) limitations.

ii.    If the rehire date is less than 7/1/1996, then the member is not subject to the 401(a)(17) limitations.


Military - 2013 Military Leave Legislation (PDF)

Pension Forfeiture - Pension Forfeiture Act - Act 2004-86 Information

Planning Calendar - 2020 Planning Calendar (PDF)


Retirement Information Requests

Student Employment 

T-F Election Process, Membership & Qualification

Web Adjustments

The Employer Reference Manual, Chapter 11: Reporting – Work Report Adjustments, explains the steps required to correct information previously reported to PSERS. The chapter also defines each of the fields and their proper usage. If you have questions after reviewing the information, contact the Employer Service Center.

Work Status Codes - Revised Work Status Codes (PDF)

Workers' Compensation Reporting - Rules for Workers' Compensation (PDF)

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